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PHONE/FAX: +48 91 462 41 53
E-MAIL: biuro@remship.pl

Our equipment

During the twenty years of business we equipped workshop with a large amount of devices helpful to perform work on the engines, as well as the necessary equipment, without which it would be impossible to provide services in the full overhauling range of marine engines.

  • Ultrasonic cleaner with internal dimensions 1500x1000x1000mm. Perfect for cleaning and degreasing lamellar air coolers and other large parts of machines, to clean you do not have physical access, such as heavy fuel heaters or coolers
  • Ultrasonic cleaner with internal dimensions 800x500x400mm. For cleaning and degreasing of small air coolers, tubular, heavy fuel heaters
  • Spray cleaner with a rotary table with a load capacity of 500kg and volumes around 1m3
  • Pressure Washer Idropavese water pressure close to 200 bar and a temperature of 80ºC
  • Karcher Pressure Washer with similar characteristics
  • 2 Pneumatic Chris Marine honing machines with range of diameters from 150mm to 500mm
  • 2 Pneumatic Valve seat grinding machines MSD Chris Marine
  • Hunger SB grinder for grinding exhaust valve seats for two-stroke engines
  • 2 Valve spindle gringing machines 75H Chris Marine
  • 2 testing tables for setting the dose for interlocked injection pumps
  • 2 Fuel injection test pumps for adjusting of fuel injectors pressure
  • 2 Hydrauliczne presses for precise operating with huge power
  • 3 Lathing machines of various lengths and turning diameters
  • Welding shop with necessary welding machines and locksmith tools to perform helpful devices and welding jobs
  • Small cabin gritter and large container sandblasting machine for cleaning big parts of machines

"REMSHIP" Ozygała,Bogucki Sp.J
70-603 Szczecin, Bytomska 15A
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PHONE/FAKS: +48 91 462 41 53
E-MAIL: biuro@remship.pl
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