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PHONE/FAX: +48 91 462 41 53
E-MAIL: biuro@remship.pl

Scope of Activities

Engine overhauls we conduct based on the many years of experience in the range:

  • Exchanging of crankshafts, grinding the crankshafts, fitting bearing shells for main journals, crank journals, crank pins and crosshead pins, crankshaft deflection measurements.
  • Exchanging of camshafts, camshaft segments and camshaft bearings, identifying the wear level of pins and cams of the camshaft
  • Overhauls of cylinder heads for disassembling, dismantling, cleaning, sandblasting, measuring, grinding intake and exhaust valves, grinding intake and exhaust valve seats, starting valves, safety valves, indicator cockc, rotocaps, tightness tests and testing for cracks, lapping of contact surfaces
  • Overhauls of rocker arms for dismantling, disassembling, cleaning, measuring, bearing sleeves exchanging, adjusments
  • Overhauls of valve tappets, dismantling, disassembling, cleaning, measurements, identifying the wear level, replacing the bearings and seals, attempts to cracks
  • Overhauls of the pistons in the dismantling, disassembling, cleaning, measurements, identifying the wear level of piston grooves, piston crowns exchange, remachining of piston grooves for oversized rings, sliding, connecting rod bushings replacement, checking for cracks on piston crown and connecting rods, measuring of roundness of crank bearing housings.
  • Repairs of of cylinder liners for disassembling, cleaning, measurements, determine the degree of wear, honing, lapping of contact surfaces, attempts to cracks, reconditioning of grooves for O-ring and D-ring seals, refilling the cavitation losses of water area of the sleeve
  • Repairs of cylinder blocks for the cleaning, lapping of sealing surfaces, pasting cavitation pitting under O-ring seals
  • Repairs of injection pumps single and interlocked in dismantling, disassembling, cleaning, identifying the wear level of parts, injection pump tappets, montage on the engine and adjusting the timing and dose of fuel.
  • Repairs of fuel injectors for disassembling, dismantling, cleaning, determine the degree of wear of associated components, reconditioning of housings by grinding the surface for nozzle and seats for fuel pressure pipe, setting injection pressure.
  • Repairs of underslunged water pumps, fresh water and sea water pumps HT and LT system in terms of dismantling, cleaning, measuring, optionally mechanical treatment, if necessary even changing the type of seal
  • Repairs of oil gear pumps and fuel gear pumps for disassembling, dismantling, cleaning, measurements, identifying the wear level of associated parts, replacing the bearing bushings, if necessary machining
  • Repairs of torsional vibration dampers of marine engines, hyper viscous dampers in terms of sample for analysis, disassembling the damper and delivery to specialized company which we cooperate with. Spring type Geislinger vibration dampers regarding measurements and replacement of springs.
  • Repairs of charge air coolers fof main and auxiliary engines dismantling, disassembling, chemical and ultrasonic cleaning, sandblasting covers and protecting with special two component paint resistant to sea water erosion, fabricating and installation of zinc anodes, pressure test and plugging leaky pipes.
  • Laser shaft alignmant of engines, pumps, electric motors and other devices running coaxially
  • Endoscopic diagnostics of closed spaces
"REMSHIP" Ozygała,Bogucki Sp.J
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PHONE/FAKS: +48 91 462 41 53
E-MAIL: biuro@remship.pl
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